TCF Online Bill Pay FAQs

How does paying bills online work?

Using TCF Online Bill Pay is a total bill management solution. It allows you to receive, manage, and pay all of your bills online directly through your bank account. A majority of billers are paid electronically right out of your account automatically based on the schedule you set, or as a one-time payment if you prefer. If TCF does not have an electronic payment relationship with a biller, we will mail a check directly to the biller for you.

There is no need to do anything different, except that you may want to schedule payments for check billers earlier due to longer delivery times. The total bill management solution also allows you to manage all your billing statements from one place online. It acts as your bill payment mailbox. You no longer have to receive paper bills and send out checks in the mail. With total bill management eBilling, bills come electronically and they are paid based on the instructions you have set up, or you are reminded that a bill is due. It is that simple!

What bills can I pay online?

You can pay almost anyone you receive a billing statement or invoice from for anywhere in the United States excluding government entities and court-ordered payments. We have information on most billers so all you need is your account number. If we do not have the information on the biller you are trying to make a payment for, just setup the biller once by entering their billing address for your account and your account number.

How do I get started paying bills?

To pay bills online, you must first be enrolled in Online Banking. To enroll in Online banking click here. Once you are enrolled in Online Banking, login to your account. After logging in, click on the Bill Payment tab and verify your account details to enroll for Bill Payment and assign your funding account.

Do you guarantee the payment will arrive on time?

Payment timing can vary by biller, and delivery dates are based on the way payments are delivered to billers. If your biller has electronic payment capability, it will take about two days for your biller to receive your payment. If we have to send a check, it could take up to four days for your biller to receive your payment. Biller lead times, the amount of time your biller requires to process a payment, may also vary. TCF's total bill management solution includes a Smart Calendar, which can help you determine when you should schedule a payment based on the biller's delivery method and their lead times. When making your payments, just select the appropriate Due Date, and the calendar will automatically display available Due Dates for that payee. The earliest available Due Date for payees may vary based on delivery method and payee processing times.

Can I setup reminders for bills that need to be paid?

Yes. You can setup your own reminders for any bills that need to be paid. We will automatically display the amount and the number of days remaining until a payment is due right in your biller list.

What is an eBill?

An eBill is an electronic version of your paper bill that you can receive directly into TCF Online Bill Pay, which you can then view and pay immediately. eBills are available for many billers and you can set up eBills only for the billers you choose. Once you have an eBill setup for a biller and start receiving it, you may choose to have your biller stop sending you a paper bill as you will receive it in TCF Online Bill Payment. It typically takes 1-2 billing cycles for you to begin receiving your bill online.

More TCF Online Bill Pay Help?

Additional Bill Pay help is available from the Helpful Resources area inside of Bill Payment. Just click on the Help link to get detailed information on paying bills, setting up billers, scheduling reminders and more. You may also click here to access our TCF Online Bill Pay Help Guide.

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