Unenroll Account from Bill Payment

When you initially enroll for online Bill Payments, you are required to select an account for making payments. You can enroll additional accounts or unenroll certain accounts as needed.

To change your payment account, enroll the second account before unenrolling the original account. If you unenroll the only account that you have enrolled for payments, you will be unenrolled from payments altogether and will need to re-enroll if you want to send payments in the future.

To enroll or unenroll an account

Note: If you unenroll an account from payments, any "In Progress" payments associated with the account will continue until the payment returns with a status of Complete. You can view all completed transactions in the account register.

  1. From the Payments menu, point to Bill Payments; then click Unenroll. The Bill Payments Profile page displays all available online accounts. The account status column displays whether an account is enrolled or not.
  2. To unenroll an account, click Unenroll.
  3. Complete the page to unenroll the account from online Bill Payments.

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